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Each year there are certain holiday seasons that people look forward to, seasons like winter where most anxiously await the arrival of the holiday events and although they may be months away, the hype about that period has begun. In recent years these 2 or 3 weeks of the festive season has become a big […]

Sep 19, 2019


You may be familiar with the phrase, “Diamonds are forever”, well the same cannot be said regarding websites. In the 1990s if you simply had a website you were ahead of the game, but back then there were not many websites, to begin with. Today though, with millions of websites flooding the internet, simply having […]

Sep 12, 2019


As you browse the internet, you may find a series of common mistakes on websites, a lot of mistakes that usually appear and occur on the homepage. Most individuals may spend too much time thinking about the design of the website, the overall look and what impression it may give to the visitor, but they […]

Sep 05, 2019


Some may wonder what Content Marketing actually is and how it helps with marketing campaigns, well the easiest and most common explanation is: Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer […]

Aug 29, 2019


Marketing campaigns must be effective if you’re looking to increase your website traffic, generate new leads or direct visitors to a specific product. Landing pages can make this happen very efficiently. Consider the following ways why landing pages are an important tool for your marketing campaigns: First look at a Landing page Landing pages play […]

Aug 22, 2019


In our day and age, it is not enough to just have any website – as digital life has moved on, competition for online traffic internationally but more specifically in Cyprus has gone through the roof along with any expectations on high rankings in SEO. Cyprus based local organisations and companies around the island whether […]

Aug 08, 2019


B2B marketing is the technique used by businesses to sell their service to other businesses. The important objective of B2B marketing is that you reach out to the right organisations and convince them to purchase your services, whether it’s using traditional methods or using what technology has to offer today. But having said this doesn’t […]

Aug 01, 2019


Data-driven decisions are an approach to business where decisions are made based upon verifiable data. These days, decisions based on trend or intuition is not enough if you want to remain competitive. Most organisations realise that data should lie at the heart of decision-making. Currently, 73% of all UK video ad spend, goes towards smartphones […]

Jul 25, 2019


Ever wondered how some businesses stay so organised and productive? If you have a business of your own, you know how important it is to stay on top of things. Organising meetings, coordinating team members through different projects or tasks and most importantly meeting your deadlines and keeping clients satisfied are all extremely important tasks […]

Jul 11, 2019


Technology has paved the way for things like blockchain, artificial intelligence and of course the internet which has evolved immensely over the last 2 decades. Now we can communicate and interact with family, friends and clients from across the world or we can purchase or sell products from anywhere. Websites are the gateway between you […]

Jun 28, 2019
wt instagram marketing tip


It’s highly likely that most people in the world will know what Instagram is, but what is more gobsmacking are the figures that precede its fame and popularity. Back in 2017, Instagram reported having over 800 million monthly active users. In 2019, Instagram reports having over 1 billion monthly active users. That’s 200 million more […]

Jun 21, 2019

GDPR Tech Implementation

5 minutes read


During the course of the past 14 months, there was a lot of debate around the compliance of websites with GDPR. When policy changes affect the services that our clients provide through us, we are always ready to provide our assistance and heads-up. We are in the pleasant position to report that we have fully […]

Jun 13, 2019


International SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of expanding your local SEO and optimising your website to push past your local boundaries, reaching countries where you wish to increase traffic flow from, to your website. International SEO helps your site rank highly in different countries through preferred keywords in different languages. Who Needs International […]

May 28, 2019


The internet is full of websites, some are good and some are bad, but how do you discern which one is good and which one is bad? “When designing your website, think smart and jump into the user’s mind and see how they will feel when they visit your site”. You need to provide the […]

May 14, 2019


Some may say that social media makes the world go round. Well, that could be true since social media keeps blasting in our faces on a daily basis; we get to see what happens around the world in a matter of seconds or minutes. The usage of social media is ever growing and evolving as […]

May 07, 2019


It’s a known fact that there are many digital marketing strategies and with the right use and support of technology, you can excel where others have not. There are key strategies that you must consider if you wish to compete with others in this digital marketing world. As time moves swiftly, there are specific areas […]

May 02, 2019


Businesses look to reel in potential customers in different ways, but one way that’s proven to be very effective in modern times is the great strategic marketing approach of content marketing. Traditional marketing is becoming slowly obsolete but it’s paved the way for a new method of marketing. “Content marketing focuses on creating and sharing […]

Apr 23, 2019


Whilst browsing the internet, have you ever clicked on a link to a page and stumbled across the message “404 error page”? That is a broken link. When you land on a page and this message appears, that’s your standard HTTP response, indicating that the URL does not exist, hence you clicked on a broken […]

Apr 16, 2019


How many times have you visited a website and literally scanned through it? The short answer is because visitors tend to look for quick answers when browsing the internet. The internet has the answer to most things so people want to do their own research and find the answer they need fast. In short, they […]

Apr 08, 2019


Domain Authority otherwise abbreviated as DA, is a score that’s given to a website which is calculated between 0 and 100 – the higher the better – and this score calculates or predicts how well it will rank on a search engine. For the more technically-minded, DA, and PageRank (an algorithm used by Google to […]

Apr 01, 2019
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