Each year there are certain holiday seasons that people look forward to, seasons like winter where most anxiously await the arrival of the holiday events and although they may be months away, the hype about that period has begun.

In recent years these 2 or 3 weeks of the festive season has become a big thing in Cyprus, with consumers anxiously checking their mobile devices waiting to get their hands on the best possible deals.

Just like consumers are getting prepared for this occasion, so should companies as the earlier they prepare, the better they can perform during these events, which is getting bigger with each passing year.

In order to perform well during this super e-commerce period, companies would need to improve their online presence, as this is the most popular avenue to engage consumers.

Consider these steps to ensure your great deals make an amazing impression during the upcoming holiday season.

Improve your Website Loading Speed

It’s a known fact that good user experience is a fundamental part when it comes to browsing. If more than 70% of internet users leave your website after 5 seconds of browsing due to loading speeds, then you will lose potential sales. So optimizing your websites loading time must be a priority.

If you use WordPress which is our preferred CMS platform at our agency, you can optimize your website accordingly with different Plugins to increase website speeds. Below are a few features that can be accessed using WordPress:

  • Compressing images
  • Adjusting image sizes and resolutions
  • Activate browser caching for your pages
  • Recommend hosting solutions to boost performance

Optimize your Website’s SEO

A large amount of website “hits” come from organic searches. SEO is a vital part of any campaign. To check that each product page you want to advertise for upcoming holiday periods is SEO friendly, consider adding the following:

  • Meta title tags
  • Meta description tags
  • Product Description
  • Keywords in various strategic places
  • Image Alt tags

These are simple yet effective ways to increase your chances of appearing in top search engine results.

Create a Sense of Urgency

It’s in the nature of shoppers to have a sense of urgency during any upcoming holiday periods. But just like all other shoppers, you can still create a sense of urgency that could potentially make them want to use your services or purchase from you.

As a company, some ways to instill the sense of urgency in potential buyers is by using keywords like “Today”, “Now” or “Hurry” to trigger people into thinking your services are of limited supply and they, in turn, will need to take action.

Some other keywords that can be used during these events are:

  • Shop Now
  • Limited-time deal
  • Save Now
  • Today Only
  • Don’t miss out

Having mentioned some of the above keywords, it’s wise to use this technique moderately to be successful. You can do this by testing a few CTAs first to see what works, instead of spamming your audience with sale pitches.

Social Media Preparation

While planning on how to engage your audience via social media strategies, the best way, to begin with, is by preparing your profile. Any or all social media accounts under your brand should have updated profile images, banners, descriptions and links to advertise your promotions on these events.

  • Begin with optimizing your banners which are the first thing most will notice when they land on your social media pages. Custom banners should be created for each social media network to promote your sale.
  • Your brand’s biography, sales descriptions and call-to-action (CTA) buttons should include direct links to the sale you want to promote. If relevant, a link directing you to your dedicated upcoming holiday landing page.
  • Your best deal should be pinned in a Tweet or FB post and must appear as an announcement at the top of your social network timeline.

Taking Advantage of Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search advertising with Google shopping and dynamic search ads are of vital importance. Ad extensions can be a powerful ally when it comes to promoting your best holiday services or products.

Site link extensions and price extensions are great ways to extend your advertisements with important sales data.

Optimizing for Mobile devices

Most shoppers around the world will use their mobile devices to make a purchase from online sources. As time progresses, most of the population that use mobile devices will use this method.

It’s important to improve your website and add responsive design to your overall game plan to increase sales on these events, and this is something that our team of experts can explain and assist you with.

Final Thoughts

Improving your online presence should be an ongoing process, not just a temporary fix for e-commerce events, holiday seasons or other occasions.

Consider digital strategies to ensure your online advertising, social media and email marketing are working harmoniously together all year round and if you are need of assistance in this avenue, our web agency team here in Cyprus will be more than happy to give you their professional advice.

Published on September 19, 2019