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In the digital age that we live in, developing a custom WordPress website is essential for any type of business, small or large. There are...

Jun 15, 2023


Over the last few years, you may have noticed that website scrolling has become longer and longer – this is no accident! Long-scrolling has now...

Feb 15, 2021
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When developing or refreshing a website you may hear the term adaptive design and responsive design, you may even be asked which do you prefer?...

Jan 29, 2020


Social inclusion is a concept that many Cypriot companies might not be familiar with yet, but it is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Implementing an inclusive...

Jan 03, 2020


Web Theoria's main tool for the creation and management of websites is WordPress, in fact, 90% of the websites we create are powered by WordPress....

Dec 12, 2019


For those who use WordPress on a daily basis, it may seem that they are experts in this Content Management System (CMS). But the fact...

Sep 26, 2019

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Each year there are certain holiday seasons that people look forward to, seasons like winter where most anxiously await the arrival of the holiday events...

Sep 19, 2019


You may be familiar with the phrase, “Diamonds are forever”, well the same cannot be said regarding websites. In the 1990s if you simply had...

Sep 12, 2019


As you browse the internet, you may find a series of common mistakes on websites, a lot of mistakes that usually appear and occur on...

Sep 05, 2019


Technology has paved the way for things like blockchain, artificial intelligence and of course the internet which has evolved immensely over the last 2 decades....

Jun 28, 2019
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