Technology has paved the way for things like blockchain, artificial intelligence and of course the internet which has evolved immensely over the last 2 decades. Now we can communicate and interact with family, friends and clients from across the world or we can purchase or sell products from anywhere.

Websites are the gateway between you and a potential sales lead. They are an important sales tool in today’s digital world. A website needs to be effective in order to produce awareness and sales leads, and must provide the visitor with the necessary information and data. If you haven’t done so already, consider the following points to get you started.

Responsive websites

Users/Visitors expect to have a smooth, user-friendly experience and transition on a website, whether they access from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. The best ways to make your website responsive is by increasing its speed and improve website ranking on search engines. To increase website speed you may need to optimize website images, minimize server response times and even minimize redirects. To improve ranking on search engines you will need to publish relevant content and update it consistently. Use meta descriptions and tags, use anchor text in your blogs and link those back to your website. Once these changes have been implemented, performance and ranking will surely get better.

SEO-friendly website

Having relevant and valuable content on your website will help capture your audience. It’s one thing to make your website SEO-friendly and another to keep it that way. This means frequent updates to your meta keywords; keywords that will attract your audience to visit your website. Optimize your website’s images by adding tags that consist of keywords. These small changes will boost your SEO in a great way.

For example, our website is an SEO friendly website, that we are still working to ensure higher rankings and higher volume of traffic. Outranking our competitor’s matters a lot. Users feel more comfortable with companies at the top of the SERPs.

Attractive websites

An attractive website will help get more visitor engagement. The first impression may be your last also, so it must be a good one. Websites that produce sales are consistent and have an attractive yet simple design that supports the content. The navigation system should be clearly structured and easy for users to follow. There’s no need to go overboard with navigation options, because this will confuse users.

Engaging websites

Having an attractive website will produce engagement but if you want more engagement you will need to consider creating a blog page such as the one you’re reading currently. You should fill your blog with new, relevant, valuable and informative content only and this should be done on a weekly basis. This requires consistency. When you accomplish this you will be on a positive road to increasing website traffic, engage more users, build domain and page authority and ultimately increase sales leads.

The result – more sales

In this day and age, the aforementioned attributes will help get more sales because websites are indeed your primary sales tool. It’s the first thing any visitor or user will interact with once they go online.

By assuring your website is responsive, SEO-friendly, attractive and engaging you will have seen an improvement in sales automatically. Remember to optimize your content and improve your website design on a frequent basis because it is a very important aspect that affects all the above.

Do you believe your website is lacking any of the above attributes? Are you not making the sales you expected at first and need advice on how to improve them?

Contact Web Theoria and our team of experts will improve your website and help you get more sales.

Published on June 28, 2019