Here at Web Theoria, we’re really proud to be one of the go-to digital agencies in Cyprus that specialize in making custom websites. In today’s digital world, whether you have a small or big business, having a custom WordPress website is important and we will analyze below why.

It’s worth noting that over 95% of the websites we design are Custom WordPress sites. This approach is the best way to go because it’s safe, cost-effective, and flexible, allowing for expansion, updates, refreshing, or running multiple marketing campaigns without being constrained by a template.

While some business owners might consider opting for a template design, which involves choosing a pre-made layout and trying to fit your content into it, this can be limiting. Not just at the initial launch of your site, but also when wanting to update or expand. Custom-built websites, on the other hand, tend to stay fresh and engaging for longer compared to those based on templates.

What You Get with Custom WordPress Development

Tailor-Made Design

Our custom sites are built to stick around. While most websites might last less than 5 years, ours can go beyond 7 years because we use smart, light coding. This means you can change and update your site whenever you need to, without starting all over again. We keep things simple so changes are easy to make.

Built-in SEO

With our special One-Off SEO service, our custom sites are set up to do well in search rankings. Template sites don’t get as much love from Google, but our sites are made to get noticed. We include SEO right from the start by designing for mobile first, which helps your site look great and rank well too.

More than Responsive

Our websites work great on any device, from phones to computers. We even think about offering different content for mobile and desktop users, so your site not only looks good on any screen but also gives users what they need, making the experience better for everyone.

As of 2023, WordPress is used on more than 43% of all websites. The distinction between a ready-made WordPress theme and a custom design might not be evident at first glance, but it’s as significant as the difference between an off-the-rack suit and one that’s been custom-tailored. Custom designs offer flexibility that fits your needs perfectly, allowing for a website that’s uniquely yours. They ensure your site is not only distinctive but also optimized for performance, security, SEO readiness, and versatility. It’s this flexibility, along with WordPress’s extensive plugin ecosystem, that makes custom development so valuable.

Ease of Management

Our custom CMS features a streamlined backend, crafted to be both user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring ease of use even for those without technical expertise. Managing your site, whether custom-designed or otherwise, is made straightforward and accessible.

Creating a custom WordPress website is a daily process for us at Web Theoria. Our commitment to quality assurance and staying abreast of the latest technologies means your custom website will not only meet but exceed your marketing needs. Unlike a template purchased online, a custom site from Web Theoria is built to fully serve your business for years to come. This durability is why many companies choose to revamp their existing sites rather than start anew.

In the end, a custom website from Web Theoria means your site is ready to serve your business well for years. It’s why lots of companies prefer to update their current sites rather than starting from scratch – because they can, thanks to the solid foundation we build from the start. For a glimpse into our work, take a look at our own site at or explore any of our customer’s websites listed there.

Interested in a website that really speaks for your brand? Let’s chat about how we can make your vision come to life.

Published on March 08, 2024