Adding emphasis to your online business, taking your company or brand to the next level and increasing or improving conversions may take some work but with the right guidance and motivation, anyone can do it.

You’re probably using other means to increase traffic to your website via content marketing, email marketing and SEO, but you also need to amplify your social media strategy to increase sales further.

In this article, we will discuss how you can optimize your social media campaigns the right way using 7 tips to increase the traffic you get from these platforms.

Let’s dive straight in then.

1 – Find your Audience

When it comes to social media, it’s wise to use platforms that your audience uses. This means if your audience is mostly using Instagram, you can not just focus on Twitter. Also, you can not expect to sign up to Facebook and find B2B customers there without some research.

Finding your audience and focusing your energy there is important. How do you do this? You could look at your target demographic and try to locate where your audience is active. In some cases, they can be on every platform which is not a problem, but it may prove to be more time-consuming.

Facebook and LinkedIn may prove to be a good starting point when it comes to targeting B2B audiences, due to their large user base. There are excellent tools that can help you find your active target audience.

Keyhole enables you to choose popular hashtags that competitors use for their campaigns and it will begin tracking them.

Google Analytics also provides solid data regarding where customers are, who they may be and other relevant statistics.

By using programs like the ones above, you will get a better idea where your target audience is most active and have a better chance of reaching them. Once you found a way to find them efficiently, you will increase the chances of producing more sales.

2 – Writing for your Audience

When writing a blog, an article or just publishing a simple post, you must consider using the language that your audience understands. This means getting across to them in a clear manner that suits them.

There are different groups of people that need to be assessed before publishing any type of post.

For instance, if you’re target audience is between the ages of 20-35 and they’re in the dating sector, then it would not be wise to use a business language with ‘vanilla words’ (2 letter words which can be formed using the letters from ‘vanilla’).

Most individuals are looking for cool written content with lots of clichés, not boring and plain content. Ultimately, you don’t want users to hover over your post and give them a reason to skip next time they see your brand name.

On the other hand, if you’re writing for professionals between the ages of 35-60 who are in the real estate or developer industry, you need to seriously consider building some kind of rapport with this audience, try to make them stay and click on your posts. Keep in mind that you need to write in the same tone or words. This way you’re on the same wavelength as them.

The main objective here is to understand and ensure that your message or content is geared for that particular audience. This way you will appear as an insider, someone that can relate to the reader, and they will be inclined to use your services.

3 – Posting on a Frequent Basis

This is as important as any other part of the social media space. In fact, posting frequently is one of the biggest areas that most companies do not implement correctly.

There must be a balance when deciding the times that you post. If you post infrequently you risk your audience forgetting about you, if you post way too often, you become irritating and your audience will most likely silence you.

The main goal here is to keep a balanced schedule, finding the best time to publish posts in order to get the most likes, shares and most feedback from your audience. The best way to do this is by testing it out to see what works for your audience.

You will notice that each platform is different from the next and audiences respond at different times of the day. For instance, you can post once per day on Facebook and Instagram and your audience will probably see your post or story. For Twitter though, you might want to consider posting multiple times in a day, because tweets usually get buried in the thousands of other tweets that happen during the day.

Consider also what your audience likes and appreciates, and this means you do not sacrifice the quality of your post for frequency. All your posts must be relevant and of good quality, if you wish to engage your audience in the best way.

4 – Effectively using Hashtags

Most social media platforms use the power of #hashtags. Many are under the impression that hashtags are exclusive to Twitter but that is not the case.

To some extent, hashtags are very effective on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

When using hashtags effectively on social networks, you must target your posts to individuals who are interested in your services. Hashtags connect people that relate to a specific keyword relevant to your brand, business or niche.

For example, if you add the hashtag #webdesign on your social network, you will attract anyone related to a group or channel with that particular hashtag. You will engage the people who are interested in the subject you’re discussing and simultaneously make your post reachable to a larger audience.

A good way to use hashtags is to keep track of trending hashtags, ones that are popular and ones that relate to your audience.

By creating posts with trending hashtags and adding a link to your website or URL that you wish to promote, it will prove to be an easy way to increase traffic to your site and potentially produce sales.

5 – Create Valuable Content

Social networks are excellent platforms for your business or brand to provide relevant and valuable bits of content. This content should be prepared well as to be engaging to your audience, and enticing enough to drive them to click on your link and eventually make a purchase.

One way you can produce valuable content is by providing guides, tips and how-to content that will attract your audience into trying your services or purchasing your product.

For example, if you’re an entrepreneur you could share a short video of how you use social media effectively to produce sales of your product or add a few simple but useful tips on how to do something specific. If you’re into fashion accessories, you can use a model to show an outfit that matches your accessories. In another case, if you are into tech gadgets you can showcase some of the amazing things people can do with your product.

If you use this kind of content, you showcase your product and give potential customers the idea of how that could be useful to them. This also builds trust between you, your brand and that particular person. This also provides your target audience with more reasons to think seriously about using your services or product, which in turn can lead to conversions.

Additionally, when creating valuable content, you should take into consideration the good use of keywords within your written content and the use of SEO. For more information regarding this, check out how SEO and Content Marketing work together and get yourself acquainted with this effective and important strategy.

6 – Invest in Advertising

When we talk about social media platforms, you must remember that we are talking about millions of users around the world.

Simply using the perfect social network to engage your target audience may not be effective enough if no one has heard of your business, brand or services before. How do you change this? By investing in social media advertising.

All social media platforms have options to boost posts, promote content or create an ad. These features ensure that your published posts become visible to large and relevant audiences. This, in turn, drives potential clients to your brand and services, eventually increases your sales.

Instagram and Facebook have a story feature that works similarly to advertising because they last for approximately a full day. Stories on your social networks have proven to be a good tool to help increase purchase rates and brand awareness.

On the other hand, Twitter allows you to create ad campaigns, and LinkedIn allows sponsored posts to reach the best audience for your brand.

Social media advertisements can be customized in the way you believe will suit your audience and they in turn can be used as reminders to entice potential customers to go ahead with purchasing a product or service they once saw in the past.

7 – Social Media Buttons on your Website

You can direct those who visit your website to social media by adding or integrating social media buttons on each of your web pages.

When visitors see you have a good social media presence, they will more likely be inclined in following your social media and potentially promote the sharing of content from your website.

One way to promote this is by reminding users to follow you on the different social networks at the end of your blog posts or articles.

This removes the likelihood of losing visitors who have come to your website once and may not come back again, converting them into audience members that can reach you at any time through your social media platforms. This will also increase the chances of them being converted into potential clients of your brand.


So above we saw 7 tips that can help increase traffic from social media networks and these are the most effective ways that your brand can do this.

It’s vital to remember that by gaining the trust of your audience, you will have discovered the winning factor of producing sales through your website and of course social media platforms. By producing highly visible, relevant and valuable content for your target audience, it will entice them to click on your social links and create potential customers. If you have any questions regarding these tips or need help to boost sales via your social media platforms, let our social media team know by clicking here and they will be more than happy to connect with you to assist.

Published on December 05, 2019