Some may say that social media makes the world go round. Well, that could be true since social media keeps blasting in our faces on a daily basis; we get to see what happens around the world in a matter of seconds or minutes.

The usage of social media is ever growing and evolving as time passes by, but not only is it evolving, it’s becoming influential and in some cases very important. This is due to new techniques in the content marketing field that keep popping up and seem to be very effective in more modern times.

Like all social media networks, Twitter has had its ups and downs. It was taken advantage of for a couple years, much negative gossip, bad press, fake news, abuse and lies were being spread across the platform but most of that seems to have settled down most recently.

Still, with the right direction, Twitter may be utilised effectively without any issues and this is what this blog will talk about mostly. Check out these top Twitter strategies that you can use.

1. Optimise your account

Optimisation is an important factor in the online marketing realm. This means that your social media accounts, including your Twitter account, need constant optimisation to remain up to date.

You should focus on engaging your audience but to do that you need to have visibility. So your priority right now should be VISIBILITY.

Therefore, to begin optimisation of your Twitter account, you should have set your account to ‘searchable’ in order for Twitter’s community to find you easier.

No matter what your brand is, make sure your profile attracts users of the same industry – this also means adding relevant hashtags to your industry. This is the way forward if you wish to be found and followed easily.

Once you optimise your profile, ensure you have an engaging and popular piece of information as per your pinned message. Users will see the pinned message first and most likely interact with that before moving further down your tweets.

2. Humorous tweets

Twitter is a network that millions of people have access to. Tweets travel across continents for different purposes but most tweets nowadays have humour in them. It’s a proven fact that tweets with humour get seen, are spoken of and people have a tendency to interact with them much more than tweets that are plain.

Tweets with humour make the user re-visit your Twitter page and share the news. This strategy is used to create a big reaction among followers of the same industry or similar, in turn creating a larger audience.

3. Visual tweets

Being visual and creative is key as this attracts visitors and followers all the same. If you keep posting with the same format, your tweets may get boring and your followers might lose interest in time, so adding visual tweets will help with engagement.

4. Personalized tweets

Personalising your tweets is a unique strategy because your followers see that you interact and communicate with them on a 1 on 1 basis. It gives a sense of satisfaction when they know your business or brand is messaging them.

A good feature that this strategy offers is that you can help with solving problems faster via direct messages, something preferable by most people and shows that you have interest in your customers.

5. Hashtags

We touched on it slightly earlier but hashtags are a good way for people to find, follow and interact with you on Twitter. Hashtags are used to bring out the importance of a topic, story or post.

Meanwhile, this strategy can do as much harm as it can do good, so you need to be careful of who and what you are using a hashtag for. You should use hashtag keywords in order to highlight something important.

Hashtags attract those that relate to that specific keyword, so your tweet and hashtag will appear in users’ trending topics, and in turn, this will allow them to connect with you.

Last but not Least

These strategies are indeed helpful when you apply them to your own Twitter account. Thus, your Twitter marketing plans will be pitch perfect in 2019.

Note that it takes a certain degree of creativity and effort if you want to see great results. Devote time to make this happen and you will see your successful marketing strategies paying off.

Some people may not have the time or the creativity needed to put these strategies into forward motion. This is why Web Theoria is willing to boost your social media presence and get your brand recognised on a large scale.

Published on May 07, 2019