Most organisations in Cyprus have a website or other web presence by having a page or profile on social media platforms. Traditional means like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) seems to be helping organisations receive targeted visitors.

But how can SEO actually help my business?

Having your company website optimised for search engine rankings, it actually means having free traffic! It means that when an individual is searching for a particular topic e.g. products or services for a specific region, your website will appear within search engines results (most likely Google’s results) having the probability of pressing the link to enter your website.

The general benefit to this is free traffic towards your business, most likely the chance to sell something to someone who is new to your business or someone who was looking for you but lost the means of communicating with you. Additional to the above you have the chance to reach markets which were unavailable to your business up to now.

So all I need is to be listed on Google and other search engines?

The answer is no! It’s not enough to be listed on Google. The primary concern of every website owner is ensuring that potential clients can reach his website. To achieve this, the website must rank high for specific keywords that relate to the actual business. It must also rank within the first few results.

For example, let’s say you have a business store on a small road in Nicosia. Very few random people will walk by your store. The likelihood of someone entering your store is small. But you decide to make the big step of buying a place on Makariou Avenue.  More people will walk and drive by that street, having a much higher possibility of a person entering your store. Search engines work at a similar way. If for example, your major keyword is “Cyprus lawyers” and your website pops up at page 7, the possibility of someone pressing at your listing is small. If you are ranking on page 1 of Google for that same keyword, more individuals will view your listing with a much higher probability of someone entering your website.

What do I need to rank high in Google?

To start off you need a website which follows the latest’s guidelines in design, development, and internet marketing tactics. It’s not advised to use a template design as search engines can recognise templates. Is best to have a balanced of images vs text content. You will then need a professional to optimize your website according to the latest standards. The optimization is been split into on-page and off-page.

On-page refers to reviewing your current site setup and making careful updates to your website that will help get the best rankings possible in Google. Off-page is the out of the website referrals and reputation obtained by several means, with the most popular link building technique. 

Published on September 05, 2014