It is no secret that the majority of businesses and exchanges are now conducted online. For business survival, it is important to ensure your website is easily found and remains competitive in the market. To gain success in this area, a clear business brand is needed to be both recognized and trusted. However, over time brands may become outdated, no longer relevant for several reasons so it is important to regularly reassess if your business needs a rebrand.

What is a business rebrand?

To answer this question first it is important to know what exactly a brand is. It is a name, term, design, symbol or any other aid that is used to define a seller’s goods or services. To put it simply, your brand is a symbol to capture everything there is to know and feel about your business. As your brand is the first point of contact for users or clients it is clear as to why it’s so important to express the right brand for your business.

Over time an original company brand may lose its focus or direction, no longer conveying the most up to date ideology of the brand, hence to remain fresh and relevant in today’s market it is essential to rebrand and freshen up your businesses look so that the right message about your company is given.

Why should you rebrand your website?

A rebrand is needed for a number of different reasons and if your current image fits with one of the below reasons then it is time for you to rebrand your website.

Image Problem

This is one of the main reasons for rebrands and covers everything from an outdated look that needs a breath of life to a full-scale reputation campaign and name change. This type of rebrand is needed when a company is losing relevance in the market, it can correct company operations creating a new improved direction for a company if the old vision is no longer practical or relevant. On the other hand, some may feel the direction of the company is on track but the look is very outdated, sometimes a new colour scheme, updated images and logo is all it takes to make a company look fresh.

Our Company has Changed

After some time, every company changes whether in direction or due to expansion, your company may now need to reflect more than one general idea or field. For example, if a local business now operates in multiple regions or countries, it may be time to adjust your brand and message to reflect the expansion of the company. Or some companies may not just specialize in one field but now operate and specialize in a number of areas, it would be important for customers to know this and for your brand to represent the change.

Attracting the Right Customers

If you are in a situation where the customers you attract are not the customers you want, or you are way behind when attracting and retaining the best talent, then it could be time to assess your business brand. Today, now more than ever, people want to collaborate with brands that represent the same ideas that they have, i.e. values, social concerns and overall outlook. An effective brand will let audiences know what type of company they are dealing with immediately.

The Latest Rebranding Trends 2020

At Web Theoria we like to keep on top of the latest trends and keep our clients in touch with the latest developments. We also have information on digital marketing trends to keep your eyes on in 2020.

Adaptable Logo

In today’s society companies have to be present everywhere if they want to be noticed. It is no longer enough to just have a physical store that you advertise online. To survive and thrive in the digital age, your company needs to be present and active on several social media platforms as well. To be recognizable both physically and digitally, many companies are now opting to create shape-shifting logo designs.

Essentially this means that your logo will change in size, complexity or colour depending on where it is being used. An example would be to have a master logo that is used on your website, but for your company’s Instagram account a simpler icon may be used, or some companies even create a one-tone logo that can be used as a watermark on photos. By creating these variations you can ensure consistency throughout your brand no matter where your logo is used or viewed.

Humanized Brand Personality

Many customers and clients report that it is difficult to trust brands. The majority of people feel that companies are simply just focused on money and will say and do anything to gain it. To tackle this reputation, it is important to humanize your brand to avoid the view of just another money-grabbing business.

To humanize a brand, it is important to attach a personality to it. Recent studies revealed that consumers want to see different behaviours from brands. The main qualities that consumers value are honestly, friendliness and helpfulness. Shoppers also show a preference for brands that are funny, trendy and politically correct. These types of qualities are what humanize a brand.

Authentic Brand

Like the previous point, it has been highlighted that trust for brands is at an all-time low. The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer reported that only 34% of consumers trust the brands they buy from.

Due to this, consumers view brand authenticity as a must in 2020. A Stackla report revealed that 86% of consumers view the authenticity of a brand as a major factor in purchasing decisions. The same study revealed that 90% of millennials say that authenticity is important, emphasizing a preference for “real and organic” over “perfect and packaged.”

This type of research gives insight into the dying trend of heavily photoshopped ads and commercials. Using picture-perfect models in the perfect setting no longer has the allure it once did as modern shoppers now prefer a more “real” image. To create this image in your branding, a strategy of showing behind the scenes snippets can be implemented. Showing a little bit of your business process or where you source your product/goods, helps to create a transparent image that helps consumers learn more about your brand, creating a real and trustworthy image.

Social Media Branding

Everyone now has the internet at their fingertips with an always-on social media culture. This has turned platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into the ideal place to build a brand with 90% of companies today designating large social media budgets for brand awareness. It is a great place to increase traffic to a website, here are 7 tips on increasing traffic from social media.

To begin in this area, you should first assess which platforms are used by your customers as each platform focuses on different things i.e. Instagram focuses on visual content, twitter focuses on written content. After this, you will need to create a consistent visual colour theme for your account to give a solid brand identity.

Social media branding also involves hashtags with brands using an official hashtag. A study from Omnicore Agency revealed that 7 in 10 hashtags are branded and this is on Instagram alone. The main reason for this is because the hashtag can increase engagement with customers by up to 50%, enforcing brand awareness. Customers who purchase from your company can post about there purchase and use the brand hashtag, you can then extend your reach to their followers.

Sustainable Initiatives

Studies have revealed that 88% of consumers believe that companies can influence change in society. Due to this many believe they should take the lead in addressing environmental issues by providing consumers with the choice of sustainable products. Shoppers in today’s society are now more aware of what they buy and make it a goal to chose sustainable brands. According to a study by Global Web Index, 61% of millennials would be willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.

With this data and preference consumers, brands are now implementing sustainable operations and ethical business practices to improve brand appearance. By doing this companies can meet the demands of green consumerism and gain loyalty and trust from customers.

Web Theoria & Rebranding

Web Theoria’s team continues to stay up to date with the latest branding trends and movements. The team is experienced in creating and improving brands as well as rebranding. Whether a completely new marketing strategy or just a fresh new colour, staying relevant in today’s business world should be the top priority. Web Theoria is able to produce images, typography, illustrations and then print these new designs onto business cards, banners and apply designs on your website. More information about branding services can be found here.

If you are looking for more than a fresh look, Web Theoria is also able to provide branding strategies on a one-off or ongoing basis to create and spread awareness of your company brand.

Published on March 05, 2020