Despite its humble beginnings as a blog-publishing system for the everyman, WordPress has arguably evolved into the world’s number 1 Content Management System (CMS), being used by a staggering 41.4% of the world’s top 10 million websites as of 2021.

This is hardly surprising as the CMS is constantly expanding, with a primary focus on optimising their content creation and management capabilities, which has so far resulted in a wealth of plugins numbering at around 54,000! WordPress goes above and beyond when it comes to enabling customisation for its users, with thousands of available themes that allow users to completely overhaul and build a unique look for their website.

Regardless of its achievements, including its reputation as the most developer-friendly CMS, many are still unfairly ambivalent towards WordPress largely due to its simple origins, leading many to believe that the CMS is incapable of powering high-profile websites. This could not be further from the truth, however, as the websites for some of the world’s biggest brands are powered by none other than WordPress.

See our list of some of the most popular WordPress websites below:

  1. Wired

Type of website: Technology

Wired, one of the world’s leading publications focusing on emerging technologies, has selected WordPress as its official site’s CMS.

2. Harvard University

Type of website: Higher Education

The prestigious 385-year-old Ivy League university powers its official gazette’s website through WordPress.

3. Katy Perry

Type of website: Music

One of the bestselling musicians of all time, WordPress effortlessly beat its rivals in powering the multiplatinum superstar’s official website like a dark horse! 

4. Bloomberg

Type of website: Software and Finance

Bloomberg Professional Services, the official website for the Bloomberg Terminal (an electronic trading platform and financial software system for High-Net-Worth-Individuals which contributes to over 85% of Bloomberg L.P’s annual revenue) runs on WordPress.

5. Time Magazine

Type of website: News

One of the world’s most influential guides in current affairs with over 20 million weekly subscribers, the 98-year-old publication’s official website is powered by WordPress.   

6. BBC America

Type of website: Entertainment

The entirety of BBC America’s website runs on WordPress.

7. The Kingdom of Sweden

Type of website: Government

Sweden’s publicly funded official website was built with WordPress by the Swedish Institute, a government agency, to promote the country overseas.

8. The Walt Disney Company

Type of website: Business

Among the largest companies in the world, the multi-billion-dollar corporation uses WordPress as its CMS.

9. Jay-Z

Type of website: Various

Described as ‘a digital experience covering art, sports, music, fashion and culture’, influential hip-hop artist and businessman Jay-Z’s innovatively elusive ‘Life + Times’ website runs on WordPress.

10. Mercedes-Benz

Type of website: Automotive

The luxury car giant’s elegant website is powered by WordPress.

WordPress Is the Best CMS Platform

The above websites perfectly illustrate the reason these prominent brands build and maintain their websites through WordPress: the self-hosted and user-maintained CMS allows businesses to have complete control over their own databases, whilst simultaneously being responsive, search engine optimized and mobile-friendly, allowing for high-ranking search results on Google.

It is clear to see that WordPress is more than capable of satisfying the needs of major global corporations. Our Web Theoria team realised the CMS’ vast potential long ago, having completed multiple high-profile, custom-made projects through WordPress for over a decade.

If you are interested in building your own WordPress website, be sure to contact our team of WordPress experts today!

Published on October 13, 2021