The internet is full of websites, some are good and some are bad, but how do you discern which one is good and which one is bad?

“When designing your website, think smart and jump into the user’s mind and see how they will feel when they visit your site”.

You need to provide the best experience for them and also make it easy for them to find links, buttons and generally the information they need. It doesn’t end there though.

Here are 3 major website fails that you need to avoid:

Website Content

“Website content is what users see first so it must be valuable, clear and relevant”.

One of the most important aspects of a website is the content on each page. The last thing you want a visitor to do is to click “Back” and look for something more useful. You must find a way to solve issues for the user via your website, not create new ones.

Depending on the site of course, the terms you use must be selected carefully, because among those who know what they are looking for, are amateurs and they have come to research first. For example, technical terms could create a problem for these individuals. Consider also the structure of all content and generally anything content-related to the website, so a good design is essential.

It’s important to remember that it’s easier and more practical to find relevant information in a hierarchical structure that will guide a visitor through your website. A way to explain specifics on a website would be to publish a blog related to information regarding your website which in turn will engage your audience, gain more leads and ultimately improve your authority and become a trusted source.

Website Speed

Websites must be maintained and optimized frequently because technology evolves and features may change within the website’s back-end. By adapting to the digital age and modern technologies, you will be able to compete with all other websites.

You must take into consideration user experience, which involves site navigation, site usability and layout. Checking the version of formats you use is important, as some features of your website may appear broken in some browsers or slow your website down, making the user experience unbearable.

Here in Cyprus, website speed is of greatest importance, because many users still have a low bandwidth connection. Having this in regards, a website must be light in size, optimized for speed with lower resolution images especially for mobiles. Obviously this is something we do for our demanding web design projects to ensure that the user is “happy”!

Website Social Pages

Social pages should be integrated into your site. These social buttons grant access to your business pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

These are important because then your visitors can follow you or subscribe to your channels or pages and then share your content on their channels and pages. This will expand your brand’s reach and engage a larger audience. It will also build trust and a larger following.

Another feature that some websites don’t have but could use, is a login feature, where it allows users to log into their personal account on your website using their social media profiles. This makes the signup process easy and faster.

Website fails conclusion

For your business to be successful, it’s important to have an inspiring website strategy.

“Your website is the face of your business”.

Make sure you’ve cleared your checklist of website fails or better yet contact our experienced digital agency and we will ensure your website avoids the aforementioned fails.

Published on May 14, 2019