Germany wants to know how Google thinks! It wants to know it’s advanced algorithm which is behind the search results that we all receive on a daily bases. It’s like forcing Coca Cola to reveal the secret formula behind the making of the most famous manufactured drink in the world!

The entire reasoning, is basically unethical since you are asking to reveal trade secrets that are the foundations of an empire, the Google empire. The argument is that the ups and downs in the search results could affect an individual an organisation or even a country. Although the above statement is correct, does that mean is also ethically correct, since revealing such information, is like helping Bing or spammers destroy Google?

The organic results delivered by Google are indeed a mastermind of quality which change the life of every human who relies on them. Those who “deserve” to be among those ranking first, work hard to follow the rules, to be what their visitors wants them to be, to update and improve their websites and internet presence. The only way which Google can continue to deliver high standard search results is to continue to work on building a robust and spam free environment!

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Published on September 23, 2014