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EFS Cyprus is a brand new, and very unique business proposition for the local market of Cyprus, offering Solar Power to anyone interested to add such a system to their homes or businesses, with Zero up-front Payment, offering essentially a ‘nothing-to-lose’ solution both to the owner of the establishment as well as to society and nature in general.


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An ‘investment fund’ based business, with a focus on alternative energy, EFS Cyprus got in touch with us seeking to establish their brand new business and business model in an untouched market. EFS is comprised of a very focused and to-the-point group of people, determined to succeed in establishing their business in an effort to offer great return of investment to both their business partners / investors as well as their clients which are the establishment owners that their solar systems will be installed and activated. This posed a challenge for us right from the get go, as we had to deeply analyse from a client’s perspective, what would be the best way to communicate what exactly it is EFS do, as ‘getting something out of nothing’ is unprecedented in Cyprus and would seem too good to believe to the end consumer!

The start was made with designing a brand new logo for the company as well as establishing the branding guidelines. Offering Renewable Energy to the masses, the logo, as well as the website needed to reflect the ‘greenness’ of the company.

Furthermore and regarding the design of the website, a lot of effort was put on the structure, layout and way of presentation of all the information so that there would be a progressive, intuitive and harmonious user experience. To achieve this we first needed to comprehend the various aspects of the business as well as the technicalities behind the systems on offer, in order to make sure that all of the information is depicted accurately and that any possible questions would be addressed in a clear manner and within a short read, so that the only thing left for the website’s visitor to do is get in touch to request an On-location Assessment via the form specifically available for each potential business partner or client.

All in all, we are happy to report that all of the initially set goals have been met, and that EFS Cyprus is very pleased with the result.
Now we have a solid foundation upon which to build our marketing efforts together with the client, in order to achieve what we set out to achieve from the beginning: Making Cyprus a greener, carbon-neutral place.
A big thanks goes out to EFS Cyprus for entrusting us, and wish all the best to their company aspirations.


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