EFS Cyprus

Brand Idea

EFS Cyprus provides state-of-the-art solar power solutions that are tailor-made to any home or business.

When designing the logo of EFS Cyprus we opted for something that was truly reflective of their photovoltaic solar panels. The most recognizable aspect of the design is the distinctive sunflower outline. This is a powerful symbol as it represents both the sun, the source of solar energy, as well as a flower, which is indicative of the panels’ environmentally friendly nature.

The design also includes a lightning bolt within the sunflower’s centre, symbolising the immense power and energy generated through a photovoltaic medium. The logo’s vibrant shades of orange, green, and yellow were carefully chosen to highlight the natural source fueling the solar panels.

We designed the logo with adaptability in mind for the possibility of EFS Cyprus expanding its services or exploring other renewable energy paths. In such instances, the lightning bolt within the logo’s centre may be replaced with a wind-relevant icon, in the case that EFS Cyprus proceeds with a ‘Wind Energy’ subsidiary, for example, to create a new logo for the new subsidiary. This way, a seamless connection is made between all subsidiary branding, creating a uniform and easily identifiable brand identity, and ensuring brand consistency is maintained throughout the company’s growth.





Brand Colours

Primary Colour


Secondary Colours



Brand Mark

On Various Colours

Logo Colour Application

Primary Colour
Primary Colour Background
White on Black Background
Black on White Background

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