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How to Setup Microsoft 365 on Outlook

It’s no secret that the key to success in your company is good communication. Networking in the workplace can be unproductive when done wrong. Day-to-day meetings, conferences and calls can become overwhelming. 

Nowadays, email is one of the most popular and beneficial ways of communication and coordination in any organization. Microsoft Outlook is a must-have tool to get things done at your workplace combining your emails, calendar and contacts. Its features can be adjusted to help each user work in their own unique way.

Microsoft 365 includes everything a business needs in one seamless experience, such as:

  • Office desktop apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Latest features, fixes, and security updates
  • Ongoing tech support
  • Extra online storage
  • Cloud-connected features allowing real-time collaboration between many users

We at Web Theoria, are here to guide you on how to set up Office 365 on your Outlook both on your desktop and mobile phone. Depending on the device you are using the process of setting it up is different.


Open your Outlook app, select file, press add account, enter your Microsoft 365 email address and select connect. If you do not want to set up Outlook on your mobile phone untick the box. Press doneenter your password, select sign in and press done and done again.

Mobile Phone

Open your Outlook app, press add accountwrite your email, press continueenter your password and press sign in. Then click allow so that Microsoft apps and services can access your account. If you want to add another account press add and repeat the same process. If not, press maybe later

With Outlook you can do so much more than just send out emails. It provides you with a wide range of features e.g., scheduling meetings, arranging automatic replies, sharing your calendar with your colleagues, saving your contacts and creating task lists.

Outlook will also help you create connections as it is a one-to-one communication channel, be more efficient, organized and consistent at work. Let’s not forget that it is free, fast, has no geographical restrictions and it is eco–friendly.

Make sure to set up your Microsoft account on Outlook, reach out to people anywhere, anytime and thrive at your place of work. The set-up of Microsoft 365 on Outlook is one of the services offered by Web Theoria. If you would like to secure this service for your company, contact us today.