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How long does it take to build a website?

The answer to this depends on what type of website you wish to develop. For example, if a local mechanic in Limassol wanted to build a website to advertise his business the site would be small with little content – to create a site like this it would not take long, the main focus would be on what the user experience would be and how to boost SEO with little content.

However, if a large company, for example, an online clothing store wanted a site to advertise and sell clothes this would take considerably more time.

Factors such as how many pages, E-commerce to buy and pay for products and a clear map of the site would be taken into consideration.

For both examples what is focused on differs, each site has specific needs and each need takes different amounts of time according to the need.

Essentially the main aspects that will affect how long a site takes to create are:

  • Content
  • Amount of Pages
  • Unique Page Designs
  • Functionality
  • Communication

What are the stages of building a website?

Initial Research

After receiving a brief for the idea of your website our team will begin the initial research and outline. We will research in depth the industry, web trends, design trends and practical functions that are related to your field. Following this the research is presented to you in a meeting where feedback can be given on what suits the needs of your business with any amendments or suggestions to the initial research. Following this we will tailor the research to the feedback received and create a plan/ initial proposal that will be presented to you for approval or further amendment.


Once a plan has been agreed our in-house design will begin on creating the initial designs. This stage can be collaborative and feedback at this stage is useful. Once the initial designs are approved the team works on responsive design which enables the designs to be compatible with all devices eg desktop, tablet and phone.

Building of the site

Now that we have the plan and design it’s time to build the website with all the functionality that may be required such as e-commerce, contact forms and integrating the functions. We will also add content to the site, the content can be created by our team or can be provided by the client.


Now is the time to launch the site to go live. Our marketing experts are happy to collaborate on making sure the site is SEO friendly when it launches so that it ranks high in search engines – after all, what’s the point of having an amazing site if no one sees it?


Ongoing support is available to ensure your website provides the service it sets out to do so. Reviews are ideal to gauge how your site is performing, how highly it ranks and how user-friendly it is. We are happy to advise on how to continually improve the site so as to keep up with the latest functionality and trends.

What issues can cause the launch of a website to be delayed?

Rushing through the planning stage and not setting the right goals and outcomes for users, this can cause issues further down the line. It is more efficient to take time to get it right in the first place then to backtrack to fix mistakes.

Communication response time can also be a delay factor, as a company we set out to use client’s feedback and approval if there are delays in receiving this will delay the development time.

Delays in content, often overlooked at the “we’ll do it later aspect” many businesses do not have the time to write content for a website – the option for our content team to do this for you is available and would save time in cutting out the waiting period for us to receive the content.

Overall it is clear that the time it takes to develop a website can vary from client to client depending on speed, requirements and communication.