Are you concerned your website is not producing as effectively as anticipated? Is the fact that your website might be outdated the reason? How can you tell? Go through the 6 tell-tale signs below, find out and take immediate action!

It’s Difficult to Navigate

People browsing the web have short attention spans, only staying on a web page briefly before clicking onto the next thing. With this in mind, those who venture onto your site need to find what they want and quickly. Having endless drop-down tabs, calendars and various listings can over crowd the page making it difficult for people to find what they are looking for. The key is to make it simple and easy for your audience to navigate through the site in a short space of time.

The Site Looks Dated

Design and graphics are forever moving forward. If you do not keep up to date your website will soon be left behind. If you’ve got obviously old photos, clip-art graphics or lots of crazy fonts, it’s time to update the graphics on your site. Make sure the text on your site is simple to read and that all images are not overexposed or blurry.

SERP Rankings have dropped

If you notice that your page ranking on search engine results are dropping, this could mean your site optimisation needs improvement. Competitors may have overtaken your keywords, or possibly the search engine has changed the algorithm. Identify the most relevant keywords and use these words to correct and optimise the pages on your site.

Poor Mobile Experience

Mobile web traffic is outpacing desktop traffic by a huge margin. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that your website is not just accessible via mobile phones, but that the experience is flawless when using a mobile phone. As a greater number of people use mobile phones instead of computers make sure your site is fully mobile-friendly and that the graphics look and respond just as they do on the desktop site.

Technical Issues

A small glitch can be easily overlooked; however, any small issue can quickly grow into a big problem. Eventually, a small issue can affect your whole website, causing slowness in page loading and hiccups in site performance. In today’s day and age, the majority of users will not tolerate these issues on a site and will quickly look elsewhere. To avoid this, it is crucial to fix any issues as soon as they are spotted, and also keep a look out for any possible issues that could arise in the future.

It’s all text

Text is important on a site but too much text can make the web experience boring for the user. It is vital to engage your audience by posting relevant and captivating photos that help convey the overall idea of your website. The text on your site should focus on main points, keeping it brief and easy for the user to read as large amounts of text can be overwhelming and unsightly.

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Published on August 11, 2017