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Considered as one of the best private universities in Cyprus, with its sights set on becoming one of Europe’s finest, Neapolis University is now an established, dynamic, fast-growing university, boasting over 10 years’ worth of experience and presence, located in Paphos, on the west coast of Cyprus, offering undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs in both Greek and English.


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How quickly 7 years go by when you are having fun!

After an amazing 7-year run of smooth collaboration, we have been given the privilege of being the web agency of choice once more, by the Neapolis University in Paphos.

The task was huge with tight deadlines and twisty turns due to the sheer size and complexity of the website.
The goal was simple: Simplify, simplify, and simplify the website, for an optimized user experience.

The result is an intuitive, easy to navigate contemporary website, that works well on any device and fits perfectly on any screen size.

Colouring was an area that needed a lot of attention as it plays a role on how simple or complex a website looks. We optimized this to a great extent to enhance the look and feel of the website as well as contribute to a more friendly navigation.
Next up, was font and block sizing.
Then, reorganizing the content and restructuring the flow of navigation was another area a lot of time and attention was invested in.

A unique feature of the original website produced was the fact that any given candidate, could fully enlist to the university from the comfort of their home via comprehensive registration forms.
This was ground-breaking 7 years ago, as most competitive institutions required that the student to be, register physically at the institution. This made the process cumbersome and complicated, resulting in lower conversion rates.
The challenge here was to simplify the process further and facilitate an easier registration process.

All in all, this project took a few months to complete and was a success due to the close collaboration of all of our departments, our streamlined processes as well as the responsiveness and accurate direction provided by NUP’s team.

We wish to thank the boys and girls of the university for their consideration and trust.
Furthermore, we wish to thank them for their professionalism, understanding as well as amazing collaboration all these years.
We wish all the best to all of you both professionally as well as personally.


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We live in a multi-screen society. Due to this, it’s important for your website to be correctly viewable across as many devices as possible, which we make sure to take care of!

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