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The Leptos Group is a leader in Land & Building Development, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, and Education in Cyprus, boasting a success story spanning over 60 years. Comprising a class-leading team of professionals from three generations and an international sales network spanning 75 countries, the Leptos Group has successfully completed a wide array of projects. These include a diverse portfolio of more than 350 residential developments, hotel resorts, shopping centres, an accredited university, and a state-of-the-art private hospital.


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This is the third consecutive time we’ve been entrusted with the design and development of Leptos Estates’ new website.
Having been selected by and collaborated with what now is the group’s third-generation team, has been both an honour and a joy.

Although challenging, due to the talent and enthusiasm of Leptos’ new marketing team and thanks to daily communication over a period of 10 months, we managed to successfully complete this monumental project.

Design-wise we had to proceed with a clean, modern, world-class, class-leading website that could convey the group’s new direction but keep true to the group’s heritage spanning well over 6 decades.
This wasn’t just a ‘redesign’ of the previous website, but a full departure; a brand new website from the ground up.
All of the previous website’s pages and content was analysed, sorted and categorised. We thus collectively decided what should be carried over, dropped and created anew.
There were no ‘second choice’ designs. All pages had to receive the same attention to detail.
Furthermore, everything should look and feel as intended on all types of devices and screen sizes with a natural flow of content via an intuitive navigation experience and carefully chosen animation.

Technically, and since the last website was designed and developed 7 years ago, many new technologies, trends, methods and features had to be incorporated to the new one.
One such method is ‘Mobile First Approach’ development encouraged by Google. Since internet usage is drastically shifting towards mobile devices, we elected to start with designing and developing the mobile version of the website first, and then proceed with adapting the designs to larger, desktop screens. The goal is to build a website with mobile users in mind first, as these make up the bulk of internet users nowadays. This includes producing separate editions of the website, with separate sets of images and template resolutions as well as adaptive text & design elements. The result is an improved user experience on both mobile and desktop devices, enhanced speed and higher search engine rankings.

Below are the website’s main specifications:

  • • 28+ Custom Templates
  • • 450+ Pages of Content
  • • ‘Mobile First Approach’ Development
  • • WordPress Content Management System featuring a fully Custom Theme
  • • Website Animation
  • • 4x Languages
  • • Multiple Photo Galleries
  • • Intuitive Group History Timeline
  • • Intuitive Group Awards Presentation featuring filtering
  • • Interactive Office Locator
  • • Project / Property Listings & Custom Property Search Tool
  • • Property XML Feed
  • • 350+ Properties featured
  • • 44+ Projects featured
  • • Advanced Technical Configuration
  • • Enhanced Speed & Security
  • • Live Chat Functionality


All in all, we are very glad to have been given once again the opportunity to collaborate with and design and develop Leptos Estates’ new website.
Even more so to have achieved everything we originally set out to and to have managed to produce a website that carries the full approval of the group.


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We live in a multi-screen society. Due to this, it’s important for your website to be correctly viewable across as many devices as possible, which we make sure to take care of!

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