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AAL, established in the Netherlands in 1995 and now headquartered in Singapore, is a leading global multipurpose shipping operator, renowned for servicing the project heavy lift, breakbulk, and dry bulk sectors for over 25 years. As an award-winning carrier, AAL offers a comprehensive multipurpose shipping solution across three service models: Chartering Solutions, Liner Services, and Fixed Trade Route Services, catering to a diverse range of industries worldwide.


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When tasked with rejuvenating the online presence of AAL Shipping, a globally recognized multipurpose shipping operator, our objective was to seamlessly blend the company’s esteemed brand identity with a modern, refreshing aesthetic. Our approach was grounded in crafting a fully custom design from the ground up, paying meticulous attention to every pixel, element, and icon to ensure a unique and engaging user experience. This bespoke creation was integrated into WordPress, featuring a customised panel tailored for the AAL team’s ease of use, symbolizing a harmonious marriage of form and function.

A key highlight of the website is the interactive Route Map and Schedule Section, designed to effortlessly guide potential clients through AAL’s extensive global network. This cutting-edge feature presents a user-friendly map that dynamically adjusts to illustrate AAL’s primary trade routes, alternative routes, and key ports of call, all triggered by selections from an extensive dropdown menu. This distinct capability distinguishes AAL’s website from its competitors by providing a highly engaging and informative experience, enabling users to easily explore and understand the breadth and depth of AAL’s service offerings.

Understanding the importance of accessibility, the website has been meticulously optimised for both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring a seamless browsing experience regardless of the device used. The “Cargo Profile and Gallery” page is another testament to our bespoke approach, where visitors can explore all the cargo categories, each accompanied by detailed information and vivid photography.

The website also features an interactive map pinpointing AAL’s global offices and commercial representatives, enhanced with bubbles, pop-ups, and direct Google Maps links for effortless navigation. This, along with multiple interactive photo galleries and an intuitive cargo inquiry form, streamlines communication between AAL and its stakeholders.

Given the diverse array of brochures, maps, and documents essential to AAL’s operations, we developed an intuitive system to aggregate these resources within a few clicks, hosted on an advanced platform to ensure robust performance and minimal downtime—a critical feature for AAL’s continuous global communication needs.

Throughout the development process, our team engaged in continuous dialogue and meticulous refinement, ensuring the website’s design and functionality resonated with a multinational audience and met the rigorous standards set by AAL’s board of directors. This project was not just about technical execution but also about bridging cultural and geographical divides, requiring us to cater to a diverse, global audience and decision-makers from various corners of the world.

The extended period of fine-tuning on the staging server underscores our commitment to excellence, reflecting our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of a multinational client base. This project showcases our agency’s capability to deliver complex, customised digital solutions that encapsulate the essence of global brands like AAL Shipping, reinforcing their industry-leading position through innovative web design and functionality.


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