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Need an e-Commerce website? Why we recommend WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a self-hosted application and popular plugin on WordPress that’s used for e-Commerce businesses and has proven to be very practical, useful and functional – amongst others – as we will discuss further down.

It is noteworthy to know, that WooCommerce is offered for free and thus is attractive to most businesses just because of that. However, that’s not the reason why we recommend and use this plugin, as its advantages merely start from there. See the key reasons why we recommend WooCommerce:

“With 64,235,650 downloads, WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores”

Practical – WooCommerce has a vast set of features. Retailers have access to a large number of WordPress and eCommerce extensions, plugins and themes built specifically for WooCommerce.

Functional – WooCommerce, just like its parent application WordPress, is fast, secure and user friendly, and this is reason enough for businesses around the world to choose it, as it provides them with the best foundation for their e-Commerce websites.

Flexible – It’s flexible because you can sell anything you want, from a single digital product to hundreds of physical ones, including subscriptions, contracts, appointments and the list goes on. Among other strong points, it also adapts to your business, helping with the preservation of its future. It is able to support small stores as well as very big stores, and it can scale from small amounts of products to immense amounts, all in a matter of seconds.

“WooCommerce gives you the control to sell anything, anywhere, beautifully”

Analytics – WooCommerce can make analytics look very simple and save businesses complications and time. It has an inbuilt analytics system that keeps a record of dates, customer statistics, number of sales and more, and can present this information in both graphs and tables. Should you require this, analytics information can be provided effortlessly daily. In addition, you can integrate Google Analytics and other modern analytics solutions to WooCommerce.

“With hundreds of free and paid WooCommerce extensions… rest assured there’s an extension for your specific needs”

Customisation – It’s customisation features are vast meaning you can stand out from other online stores by choosing any of the themes or customisations provided. Further experimentation and customisation is possible at any time.

Content Management – As many know, content is an important element of e-Commerce marketing and SEO. WooCommerce features a wide range of content management options like landing pages, blogging and more through its SEO plugins like Yoast. These plugins make WooCommerce even more user-friendly for optimising content.

Why WooCommerce?

To keep it short and sweet, we recommend WooCommerce because it provides the absolute e-Commerce solution. It’s fast, practical, cost-effective, user-friendly, secure and can adapt to the needs of your e-Commerce business.

Learn more today about how WooCommerce works for your e-Commerce business and website, as well as what it can offer you specifically.